Catching up with Bogan Gate’s finest

I invited the delightful Mitchell Coombs on my radio show this morning after he has made waves across the internet with his hilariously funny tour of his hometown, Bogan Gate NSW.

Here is my fellow Petersham Tafe Alumni in all his glory:

For lack of a better term, Mitchell has broken the internet since posting this video on Thursday evening and it’s any wonder; his comedic timing and charisma are striking the funny bones of people all around Australia, and the world. Since Thursday he’s been interviewed by The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, 2UE, 7News and the NOWFM breakfast show hosted by yours truly.


While we were at Tafe, friends of mine and I decided that Mitchell was awesome and I guess we could tell how much of a gem he is, so we started the fan club #Honeycoombs. Completely unbeknownst to Mitchell. I guess we’re now going to need to start inducting new members to our club. I wonder what colour jackets he’d like?



(l-r Brian Newington, Stephen Grbevskii, Me, Bede Lenehan, Tia Pagliasso & (the man of the moment) Mitchell Coombs.