I guess this is growing up.

It’s Friday morning and I’m counting down the very few hours I have left of this working week. It’s been hectic to say the least.

For the last two weeks I’ve had a phone that refused to make or receive calls, and every time someone would call, my phone would lock up and restart itself. Apparently it’s a common fault with Pixel phones. Dealing with the phone company to get a replacement phone has been a nightmare.

I’ve also moved house this week, it was a mad dash to try and find a place, especially in our area where there just isn’t much suitable around for mine and my housemate’s needs. We found one and moved in in about a week and a half. Last week was spent packing, and organising real estates – which is especially hard when you don’t have a working phone.

Last weekend was non stop packing, moving and unpacking, and there’s still so much to do. The kitchen looks like a bomb hit it, and my bedroom looked okay on Monday, but because everything isn’t packed away where I want it, it kinda resembles the kitchen, just with different stuff.

I also have been cleaning the entire old house, which makes me regret living in such a big house. What a bitch of a job.

It seems to be a constant wave of responsibilities. A month ago I was sick and had to have every kind of test GPs make you have when they don’t know what the hell is going on. Couple that with the stress of finding a new house, packing, and dealing with the probably worst phone provider in Australia it hasn’t been a barrel of laughs lately.

Every single day of the last month I’ve had something that I need to do, and this afternoon, I have nothing.

I truly cannot wait to get home, unsnap my bra, get into my PJs and nap the afternoon away. Or if I’m feeling particularly motivated, pack the house away. Or maybe; none of that.

Just like with Captain Planet, the choice is all mine.



Gotta say, been having a rough time lately. Keeping my head above water as always but yeesh, starting to firmly believe that I’ve done some tremoundously bad things in a previous life because the current one is dishing me out a doozy.

I have a strange bite on the inside of my left arm that fluctuates between itchy and stinging. I’ve had a headache since Thursday. This past weekend was a total write-off due to a mystery sickness and this morning I had a lovely ‘milestone’ breakfast, that I couldn’t finish because my tummy was all like “nah”. That’s the tip of this iceberg, but let’s move around it.

I’ve got to say, there are few things in this world that make me feel better than a nice quick game of ‘I win’. For those unfamiliar with the game, it was first introduced to me by comedian Rhys Nicholson, who is so funny that when I’ve watched his standup I genuinely had to remind myself to breathe because tears were forming in my eyes as an involuntary response to lack of oxygen.

I Win is a game I’d already been kind of playing, but had never heard a named coined for it. Basically you find someone or something you don’t like, and research until you get a healthy dose of schadenfreude.

Look, disclaimer right here right now, sometimes this doesn’t work and you end up feeling worse.

Today’s litle game was a definite Jess Wins. I looked up the legal procedings that the Federal Government Consumer Watchdog entered into for a former employer of mine.

An employer who, changed my roster at the last minute so that it meant I would miss my best friend’s Hen’s Party after I’d been approved for leave. Which I refused to let happen FYI.  Who also used to send text messages to the company phone scolding you for your ‘disgusting efforts’. There’s a long list of things this employer had done to me, and my team. One of the girls I worked with had a medical episode, and the following week when we were sent away, she wasn’t even provided with a bed in the accommodation.

We’d receive our rosters on the Friday night, which also told us where we’d be the next week. It could be Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Nowra, Newcastle. We wouldn’t know, and it would always be sent as the admin staff are walking out the door for the weekend so if we had questions or querys we may as well write them down and send them by boat – nothing was going to be done until Monday.

As I said, there’s a long list that the employer had done, but that doesn’t even cover what would happen day to day dealing with all the customers they’d burned too.

It was a hard slog, and more than any job I’ve done, the least rewarding. It was this job that made me feel like I knew what rock bottom felt like. I genuinely thought most days getting out of bed that I would rather be unemployed than deal with this hurricane of constant shit. It was only when I had zero confidence in myself that I actually managed to do the gutsiest thing I’ve probably ever done.

I went to my best friend’s hens party, and received a ‘don’t come monday’ phonecall. They always called through things like this because they were too smart to leave a paper trail. They’d also implied I wouldn’t be paid out my holiday leave or my current pay period and they weren’t going to send me a separation certificate. Pretty illegal just by the way. On the Monday I rang Fair Work Australia, found all the correct legislation and emailed them. They called me. I declined the called and emailed them. This went on for two hours until they finally realised I wasn’t going to answer their phonecall and they, realising that I wasn’t messing around gave me my legal entitlements.

Through working for this company I genuinely felt like life couldn’t get much worse, legitimately – the 8 months I worked there for sure were some of the worst in my life. I loved my team I worked with don’t get me wrong, but the conditions were awful.

And that’s why I win, as of December, said company has well and truly gone into adminsitration, and has been ordered to make amends with the customers they’ve ripped off over the years. They’ve disappeared from facebook and are blacklisted with scathing reviews on every site you can leave one.

Sometimes when you wait for karma, she comes in swinging and all you’re left to do is sip tea and smile.

Where have you been?

Yeah Jess? Why don’t you write on your blog anymore?

Sorry blog, I’ve been the busiest person to have ever lived, let me show you:

  • Hairless for homeless happened, I’m completely bald and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my ability to dance without my hair. More info here.
  • I moved house! I moved in with two of the fellas form my squad, we got the keys to our new place on Friday morning so all my spare time has been put toward packing and moving.
  • I walked to Ashley on Sunday from Moree as part of the Hike For Homeless (all but a couple of kms, so about 19/27) my feet still have blisters four days later.

ode to my favourite oaf

Last week I was on holidays, I stayed at my Mum & Dad’s and like every other time I visit, I took my dog for a walk. He turns 11 in March, is starting to sprout a few grey hairs and is getting a bit slow in his old age. He’s as handsome as ever.

JD was last pup born into a litter of 8, we kept a few and sold the rest to friends and people who were interested in their breeding. We had a theme of that litter, Mum & I were on a bit of a pirates of the Caribbean kick so he had a sister named Keira, another named Orlando & he was JD – short for Johnny Depp. I picked him from the beginning, later, on one of his last trips to our place before he passed away, my Pop picked him as ‘the best in the litter’. Pop wasn’t wrong.

JD raced under the name “Macconville” which was a wink at a tall story that Pop used to tell my cousin Amelia and I when we were little. He had a bit of success but developed some bad habits racing; like stepping before he jumped out of the boxes, and doing a left turn to wipe out half the field. We tried a few things but Dad retired him after a bit of deliberation.

JD’s mother was a bitch we had since she was a pup, GC (Short for Golden Child..another inside joke that wasn’t ours) she lived to the ripe age of 16, gave us a lifetime of happiness, and two pups that we kept as pets when they finished racing, Jd, and his sister Arizona.

It’s no secret that I love my big moronic black and white dog for many reasons, but it’s because of his heart that I love him most.

GC passed in 2012, and only about 8 months later, Arizona passed away too. She was only about seven and my dad loved that dog as much as me, I mean, when she got pregnant, dad built her a new brick kennel, just because it was Arizona.

JD had gone from living with his mum & sister, to just his sister and now he was alone and it really hit him hard. He went from acting like a giant puppy– big smile, massive appetite & would nearly knock himself out to be around people, to a dog with the world on his shoulders, when I’d call out to him or go to see him, he’d barely lift his head up from the bed.

It was pretty heartbreaking to see to be quite honest. I’d just moved back to the hunter after a brief stint living in Melbourne which didn’t work out, due to complications with my job in Melbourne, the position I had lined up in Newcastle fell through & I was unemployed. Seeing my baby who was always the sunshine of my life like this sucked. Thankfully, I had a lot of spare time on my hands, I went down to his little yard & kennel pretty frequently and he would barely get up to see me.

I used to walk him a lot when I was in high school and didn’t work full time & I admit I’d gotten really slack in the past few years. I chucked his lead and muzzle on and took him for a trip around the block, not too far because although his breed means he’s trim, he’s a fatty who has lost a lot of fitness in his retirement (he deserves it).

He got a bit spooked when a truck drove past but other than that the whole time he was wide eyed and kept rubbing his head either against the back of my knee (concussion of the kneecaps as my dad calls it) or on the grass. He kept looking up at me with his big smile like he couldn’t believe how lucky of a boy he was. Even as a puppy he would drop to the ground to roll in the grass, but I hadn’t seen him do it in so long. It was beautiful to see him happy again. As the weeks went on, I kept walking him every day, going a bit further each time, I threw him in the back of the car and took him for drives to the park & let him explore new places. Gradually his mood came back to the beautiful boy he used to be.

It’s probably arrogant to think that humans are the only ones capable of emotional damage cause by grief and how much a small act can pull someone out of a deep depression, I know he’s a dog, but that’s essentially what this was.

In 2014, another dog of ours Katie, broke her toe racing. She could have continued racing after it healed but Dad decided that he would love a friend for JD and that day my little boy met his soul mate. As a proud dog Mum, this makes me happier than I ever was watching him win races.

 Below is a picture that I considered not posting anywhere because I’m breaking out, in ‘house clothes’ and I’m pulling a weird face, but then I remembered that JD loves me no matter how I look, just like I love him no matter how he feels


Shut up & watch:


Not often in my recommended videos on youtube do I find myself having to push my bottom jaw to meet back up with the top because of how powerful the message is. Truth be told, I tend to just watch cats doing dumb shit. Not today.

If you haven’t watched the above video, please do, right til the end.

A Croatian woman photographed herself every day for a year, which sounds like a novel, cute fun idea. As you can see in the vid, she has days where her hair is out & has a big toothy smile, other days where she’s a little sad, and then other days where she has bruises and cuts all over her face. In the beginning of the video she starts out as a bright and happy young lady, but as the video progresses you see those days become fewer and fewer as the year rolls on.

In 60 seconds you’re able to see the scary effects of domestic violence the video ends with a message which translated to English reads “Help me. I don’t know if I can wait until tomorrow.”

Domestic violence is alarmingly prevalent in our modern society, last year alone an average of two women in Australia per week died as a result of domestic violence.

Support services are available for victims of domestic violence, but it’s not always cut & dried when emotional manipulation is also at play.

If you or you expect someone you know is suffering from domestic violence dvrcv.org.au has a comprehensive list of ways you can get help.