(tell me why) I love Mondays

I’m a firm believer that Mondays are just the first chance of 7 to have the best week of your life.


I’ve been a Monday lover for an entire year now, possibly longer, but definitely solidly since May 2015.

Before that I was a flip-flopper, I had some kind of strange centrifugal force telling me that I was heading toward the right path, but with only that feeling and the aspirations of my 9 year old self, it was hard to keep the motivation and the Monday love up.

Then Thursday, the 23rd of April happened, after a hellish week I received a phonecall from one Barbara Rowe telling me that this phenomenal radio station in northwest NSW, in a town I’d only ever heard about & never seen with my own two eyes, was willing to take a punt on a gypsy like me.

I knew where Moree was. I also used to work for 000 so I had an idea of the worst case scenario to look forward to, as I had with pretty much any other town in NSW. I was scared that I would move and discover I have no friends, or that the radio station made a mistake. Turns out I was scared for nothing.

I packed up my bedroom on the Central Coast at my Aunty’s, packed up my stuff at Mum & Dads, worked my two last shifts at the servo & handed my keys back, attended the dawn service at Nobby’s Beach in Newcastle, signed out of Tafe in Sydney, said goodbye to my friends in the Hunter and drove the 5.5 hour drive to Moree within six days. I’m a bit of a control freak and like to give myself a LOT of planning time, there wasn’t even time to think about it.

For the months leading up to April, I was in a routine of 3-4 days at Tafe where I’d commute two hours each way to Sydney from the Central Coast. The other days of the week I’d work anywhere between 18 hours to 38 & churn out my assignments in my limited downtime. It was eat, sleep, rave, repeat if you replace rave with ‘work your tail off’.

During this time, I was the happiest I’d been in years. Every Monday morning although my alarm would go off at bullshit o’clock I would get up spritely ready to go to tafe, sure – most days I would definitely nap on the train for the half an hour that there was no phone service, but that was just using my time effectively. I usually was first person there, and after class a few of my good friends and I would podcast in the studio, then head down the pub, then I’d go home ready to do it all again the next day.

It was a very stimulating environment for me intellectually. It had been so long since I had anything to do with radio or journalism I was almost in disbelief that I was heading back down that path. My friends had big dreams and the support and passion for helping one another to try and achieve them was almost overwhelming. How could I not be a Monday lover?

I’m not a morning person either, I HAVE to be, but my body doesn’t agree with my head. After a year I’ve gotten into the routine of making sure nobody tries to ring me between 3 & 6 so that they don’t interfere with my nappage. It’s the only way to keep my F.O.M.O. at bay and not turn up to work everyday looking like Steve Buscemi.

I am a person who every single day gets to do her dream job. I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given for my career to move to Moree. Furthermore, I’m ecstatic to have met people who I now call my friends.

A year ago I told myself I would be here 2 years tops, “it’s a stepping stone Jess”. My feet aren’t getting off that stone for a long time, and that is one thing I solemnly swear.