I guess this is growing up.

It’s Friday morning and I’m counting down the very few hours I have left of this working week. It’s been hectic to say the least.

For the last two weeks I’ve had a phone that refused to make or receive calls, and every time someone would call, my phone would lock up and restart itself.Apparently it’s a common fault with Pixel phones. Dealing with the phone company to get a replacement phone has been a nightmare.

I’ve also moved house this week, it was a mad dash to try and find a place, especially in our area where there just isn’t much suitable around for mine and my housemate’s needs. We found one and moved in in about a week and a half. Last week was spent packing, and organising real estates – which is especially hard when you don’t have a working phone.

Last weekend was non stop packing, moving and unpacking, and there’s still so much to do. The kitchen looks like a bomb hit it, and my bedroom looked okay on Monday, but because everything isn’t packed away where I want it, it kinda resembles the kitchen, just with different stuff.

I also have been cleaning the entire old house, which makes me regret living in such a big house. What a bitch of a job.

It seems to be a constant wave of responsibilities. A month ago I was sick and had to have every kind of test GPs make you have when they don’t know what the hell is going on. Couple that with the stress of finding a new house, packing, and dealing with the probably worst phone provider in Australia it hasn’t been a barrel of laughs lately.

Every single day of the last month I’ve had something that i need to do, and this afternoon, I have nothing.

I truly cannot wait to get home, unsnap my bra, get into my PJs and nap the afternoon away. Or if I’m feeling particularly motivated, pack the house away. Or maybe I’ve do none of that.

Just like with Captain Planet, the choice is all mine.



Gotta say, been having a rough time lately. Keeping my head above water as always but yeesh, starting to firmly believe that I’ve done some tremoundously bad things in a previous life because the current one is dishing me out a doozy.

I have a strange bite on the inside of my left arm that fluctuates between itchy and stinging. I’ve had a headache since Thursday. This past weekend was a total write-off due to a mystery sickness and this morning I had a lovely 9 months together breakfast with my boyfriend, that I couldn’t finish because my tummy was all like “nah”. That’s the tip of this iceberg, but let’s move around it.

I’ve got to say, there are few things in this world that make me feel better than a nice quick game of ‘I win’. For those unfamiliar with the game, it was first introduced to me by comedian Rhys Nicholson, who is so funny that when I’ve watched his standup I genuinely had to remind myself to remember to breathe because tears were forming in my eyes as an involuntary response to lack of oxygen.

I Win is a game I’d already been kind of playing, but had never heard a named coined for it. Basically you find someone or something you don’t like, and research until you get a healthy dose of schadenfreude.

Look, disclaimer right here right now, sometimes this doesn’t work and you end up feeling worse.

Today’s litle game was a definite Jess Wins. I looked up the legal procedings that the Federal Government Consumer Watchdog entered into for a former employer of mine.

An employer who, changed my roster at the last minute so that it meant I would miss my best friend’s Hen’s Party after I’d been approved for leave. Which I refused to let happen FYI.  Who also used to send text messages to the company phone scolding you for your ‘disgusting efforts’. There’s a long list of things this employer had done to me, and my team. One of the girls I worked with had a medical episode, and the following week when we were sent away, she wasn’t even provided with a bed in the accommodation.

We’d receive our rosters on the Friday night, which also told us where we’d be the next week. It could be Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Nowra, Newcastle. We wouldn’t know, and it would always be sent as the admin staff are walking out the door for the weekend so if we had questions or querys we may as well write them down and send them by boat, nothing was going to be done until Monday.

As I said, there’s a long list that the employer had done, but that not even covering what would happen day to day dealing with all the customers they’d burned too.

It was a hard slog, and more than any job I’ve done, the least rewarding. It was this job that made me feel what rock bottom felt like. I genuinely thought mostdays getting out of bed that I would rather be unemployed than deal with this hurricane of constant shit. It was only when I had zero confidence in myself that I actually amanged to do the gutsiest thing I’ve probably ever done.

I went to my best friend’s hens party, and received a ‘don’t come monday’ phonecall. They always called through things like this because they were too smart to leave a paper trail. They’d also implied I wouldn’t be paid out my holiday leave or my current pay period and they weren’t going to send me a separation certificate. Pretty illegal just by the way. On the Monday I rang Fair Work Australia, found all the correct legislation and emailed them. They called me. I declined the called and emailed them. This went on for two hours until they finally realised I wasn’t going to answer their phonecall and they, realising that I wasn’t messing around gave me my legal entitlements.

Through working for this company I genuinely felt like life couldn’t get much worse, legitimately – the 8 months I worked there for sure were some of the worst in my life. I loved my team I worked with don’t get me wrong, but the conditions were awful.

And that’s why I win, as of December, said company has well and truly gone into adminsitration, and has been ordered to make amends with the customers they’ve ripped off over the years. They’ve disappeared from facebook and are blacklisted with scathing reviews on every site you can leave one.

Sometimes when you wait for karma, she comes in swinging and all you’re left to do is sip tea and smile.



I made a little announcement yesterday here about the upcoming local election. After a few months of toying around with the idea, I decided I would take a giant leap and throw my cabbage patch kids beanie into the ring and give this ‘local Councillor’ thing a go.

This has not been a decision made lightly. I’m completely aware of the other duties that will be expected and the workload, but this is a challenge for me to help a community that has given me so much by being a part of the decision making process for its future.

I’ve previously written about how my perception of Moree the moment I set foot down Balo St the first time. It is the first town that’s felt like home to me since becoming an adult.

I don’t have a specific platform that I’m running on, but simply put, I LOVE this community & totally believe it gets a bad wrap from the outside, but on the inside I am constantly reminded by residents that they feel like decisions are made without any consultation to the people they affect.

I want decisions made at council to reflect the views of the community, and am going to fight to make sure the community has a council and shire they can be proud of, where they feel their voice is being heard.



Where have you been?

Yeah Jess? Why don’t you write on your blog anymore?


Sorry blog, I’ve been the busiest person to have ever lived, let me show you:


  • Hairless for homeless happened, I’m completely bald and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my ability to dance without my hair. More info here.


  • I moved house! I moved in with two of the fellas form my squad, we got the keys to our new place on Friday morning so all my spare time has been put toward packing and moving.


  • I walked to Ashley on Sunday from Moree as part of the Hike For Homeless (all but a couple of kms, so about 19/27) my feet still have blisters four days later.


  • and uh just a little announcement:



…more on that later.

(tell me why) I love Mondays

I’m a firm believer that Mondays are just the first chance of 7 to have the best week of your life.


I’ve been a Monday lover for an entire year now, possibly longer, but definitely solidly since May 2015.

Before that I was a flip-flopper, I had some kind of strange centrifugal force telling me that I was heading toward the right path, but with only that feeling and the aspirations of my 9 year old self, it was hard to keep the motivation and the Monday love up.

Then Thursday, the 23rd of April happened, after a hellish week I received a phonecall from one Barbara Rowe telling me that this phenomenal radio station in northwest NSW, in a town I’d only ever heard about & never seen with my own two eyes, was willing to take a punt on a gypsy like me.

I knew where Moree was. I also used to work for 000 so I had an idea of the worst case scenario to look forward to, as I had with pretty much any other town in NSW. I was scared that I would move and discover I have no friends, or that the radio station made a mistake. Turns out I was scared for nothing.

I packed up my bedroom on the Central Coast at my Aunty’s, packed up my stuff at Mum & Dads, worked my two last shifts at the servo & handed my keys back, attended the dawn service at Nobby’s Beach in Newcastle, signed out of Tafe in Sydney, said goodbye to my friends in the Hunter and drove the 5.5 hour drive to Moree within six days. I’m a bit of a control freak and like to give myself a LOT of planning time, there wasn’t even time to think about it.

For the months leading up to April, I was in a routine of 3-4 days at Tafe where I’d commute two hours each way to Sydney from the Central Coast. The other days of the week I’d work anywhere between 18 hours to 38 & churn out my assignments in my limited downtime. It was eat, sleep, rave, repeat if you replace rave with ‘work your tail off’.

During this time, I was the happiest I’d been in years. Every Monday morning although my alarm would go off at bullshit o’clock I would get up spritely ready to go to tafe, sure – most days I would definitely nap on the train for the half an hour that there was no phone service, but that was just using my time effectively. I usually was first person there, and after class a few of my good friends and I would podcast in the studio, then head down the pub, then I’d go home ready to do it all again the next day.

It was a very stimulating environment for me intellectually. It had been so long since I had anything to do with radio or journalism I was almost in disbelief that I was heading back down that path. My friends had big dreams and the support and passion for helping one another to try and achieve them was almost overwhelming. How could I not be a Monday lover?

I’m not a morning person either, I HAVE to be, but my body doesn’t agree with my head. After a year I’ve gotten into the routine of making sure nobody tries to ring me between 3 & 6 so that they don’t interfere with my nappage. It’s the only way to keep my F.O.M.O. at bay and not turn up to work everyday looking like Steve Buscemi.

I am a person who every single day gets to do her dream job. I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given for my career to move to Moree. Furthermore, I’m ecstatic to have met people who I now call my friends.

A year ago I told myself I would be here 2 years tops, “it’s a stepping stone Jess”. My feet aren’t getting off that stone for a long time, and that is one thing I solemnly swear.