I made a little announcement yesterday here about the upcoming local election. After a few months of toying around with the idea, I decided I would take a giant leap and throw my cabbage patch kids beanie into the ring and give this ‘local Councillor’ thing a go.

This has not been a decision made lightly. I’m completely aware of the other duties that will be expected and the workload, but this is a challenge for me to help a community that has given me so much by being a part of the decision making process for its future.

I’ve previously written about how my perception of Moree the moment I set foot down Balo St the first time. It is the first town that’s felt like home to me since becoming an adult.

I don’t have a specific platform that I’m running on, but simply put, I LOVE this community & totally believe it gets a bad wrap from the outside, but on the inside I am constantly reminded by residents that they feel like decisions are made without any consultation to the people they affect.

I want decisions made at council to reflect the views of the community, and am going to fight to make sure the community has a council and shire they can be proud of, where they feel their voice is being heard.



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