Shut up & watch:


Not often in my recommended videos on youtube do I find myself having to push my bottom jaw to meet back up with the top because of how powerful the message is. Truth be told, I tend to just watch cats doing dumb shit. Not today.

If you haven’t watched the above video, please do, right til the end.

A Croatian woman photographed herself every day for a year, which sounds like a novel, cute fun idea. As you can see in the vid, she has days where her hair is out & has a big toothy smile, other days where she’s a little sad, and then other days where she has bruises and cuts all over her face. In the beginning of the video she starts out as a bright and happy young lady, but as the video progresses you see those days become fewer and fewer as the year rolls on.

In 60 seconds you’re able to see the scary effects of domestic violence the video ends with a message which translated to English reads “Help me. I don’t know if I can wait until tomorrow.”

Domestic violence is alarmingly prevalent in our modern society, last year alone an average of two women in Australia per week died as a result of domestic violence.

Support services are available for victims of domestic violence, but it’s not always cut & dried when emotional manipulation is also at play.

If you or you expect someone you know is suffering from domestic violence has a comprehensive list of ways you can get help.

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