Don’t you wish our generation made anything worth saving?

Made anything that lasts longer than the life of a match?

This morning I woke up as the sixteen year old version of myself. I fell in love all over again with my first flame. There’s always been a pilot light burning, but today it reignited to something massive and something I can’t ignore.

I’m not talking about an insignificant male. I’m referring to four non-smokers with vastly different dietary habits who love nothing more than the feeling of clean socks. I’m talking about The Band As Weird As You Are. I’m talking about Harris. I’m talking about Devoto. I’m talking about San Souci. Of course I’m talking about MATT WHALEN.

I fell in love with The Matches again and let’s refer to the old cliche for a moment: “you never stop being in love, you either always will be or never were”. It’s absolutely true. I never stopped.

I discovered The Matches at a very vital time in my life. I was a lot like a candle in the wind, I struggled to find where to turn to, where to lean. I was still trying to work out who I was as a person and most importantly accepting the person who I was.

I’m really not meaning to use all these fire metaphors by the way.

It was The Matches who taught me that when I belong to a song, salty eyes, I belong. That no matter how my demons try to drive them out they will not disappear. That we’re all just trying to get a better look at what’s beyond the tall grass that grows around this town. That my thirst for wandering is shared, I gotta be on the road again to destination nowhere near. That there’s nothing wrong with the company I keep being the reflection of a borderline creep. That what I’ve learned about love, I definitely stole from rock and roll.

To accept that I know that I am more than this, and there’s a reason I exist.

To know that it’s high time I left that shadow deadweight in the meadow.

The Matches released two new songs this morning. The Crucial Comeback and The Life of a Match. Expectations were high although I was wary. Crucial Comeback sounds like it fell off E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals but it’s The Life of a Match that’s got me lost for words.

The only way I can describe how this song feels is that it’s as if I wrote it myself. I absolutely didn’t but from the first bar of strings something grabbed hold of my chest and didn’t let go. I’m not ashamed to admit that the emotion was a little too much upon first listen.  The bands on all my shirts had all since broken up has been my life since July 10, 2009, but it’s not that lyric that’s taken the wind out of me today.

Don’t you ever wish our generation made something worth saving?

Yes. Yes, I bloody do.

My heart is heavy. Just like when I was sixteen, The Matches manage to speak to me right down to my core; where my fears lie. There are nerves that have been triggered today and I’m in no way surprised that it was through a Matches song.

I live in the bubblegum generation. Where trends, songs and people are kept for as long as it takes for a new flavour to come along. Longevity doesn’t exist. Commitment is long dead.

I’ve found myself playing “The Cool Girl” one too many times, pretending that I could be alright with the idea of being replaced the second a blonde with longer legs walks past. I’m not okay with that. I have value that doesn’t rely on somebody else’s ability to see it, but holy moly it’s insulting to find out that somebody doesn’t see you as someone valuable enough to be exclusive with.

I wish our generation was taught to create something worth holding onto longer than the life of a match. We never used to live in a world so disposable. We are more than this.

The Matches are yet again inspiring me to become more like the person I want to be. I’ve never been cool so I’m no longer going to be the cool girl. I’m awkward. I care way too much. I’m so in love with a band I got their lyrics tattooed to my hip, and it won’t be the last tattoo of theirs on me.

I get obsessed over little things and big things. I’m a mess of a human being. I am madly, head over heels in love with a band you’ve probably never heard of and that makes me feel sorry for you – because they’re as weird as I am.

…and I belong.

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