However rare true love is, true friendship is rarer – La Rochefoucauld

Stability is something that has been missing for the last few years of my life. My boyfriends sucked, I was working in jobs that I kind of enjoyed but didn’t love, I was barely able to stand on my two feet and my living situation was the furthest thing from what I desired. Three years ago my ex-boyfriend and I had split up – him leaving behind emotional damage that I never dreamed of impacting me the way it did, I’d left a job in an industry I had my heart set on working in since I could remember and had no prospect of ever working in it again and I moved states to find that running away isn’t a really good solution to your problems.

I’ve spent the last three years trying new and different things. I worked as a photographer and travelled around NSW. I lived in Melbourne and worked as a travel agent. I even worked for the police taking 000 calls whilst living on the Central Coast. Living on the Central Coast was great, all the other stuff not so much. It’s been rough.

Thankfully, and I’ll draw inspiration from The Beatles here, I get by with a little help from my friends.

I try to stay connected to my friends. I could be fourteen hours away but I’ll be there for you in every way that I can. I’ve had a lot of practise with long distance friendships especially when my closest, most dearest best friend and I have lived apart for almost longer than we’ve lived up the road from each other.


I’m a gypsy you see. Her gypsy days are over. We were on the phone last night and I came to the metaphor that we’re both jigsaw puzzles, she was lucky enough to be dropped into the lid. I was dropped on the floor and bits are under the lounge and seriously mate, this is going to take forever to clean up.

We’re both busy. We’re both 24 and have so much going on. We’ve got this covered though. Putting aside an hour (or three) a week sometimes is the smartest decision I’ll make in an entire month. Sometimes life gets in the way and it’ll be three weeks since we’ve spoken but we understand each other. I am rich in ways that you could never imagine for having someone like her to be the peanut butter to my jelly.


I’d known for a while that if I was to really dive head first and give this radio dream a chance to bloom, I’d need to move to rural Australia. I was discussing this with another of the gems I call my closest friends towards the end of last year, he reminded me that I was particularly lucky because thanks to moving to Victoria, the friends that I had before and still are close with now proves that they’re stronger than most. My friendships aren’t fickle – which made taking the plunge out of my comfort zone to a town that is a lot like Kurri Kurri, only further away from Charlestown Square than I’d prefer. The fear was taken away.

There’s a comforting feeling getting a message, or a phone call from someone who’s six hours away and they want to specifically talk to you about something that’s troubling them, or want to make sure you’re the first person to know something wonderful.

Another thing about the people in my life that I love are the new ones you meet and feel like you’ve known them your entire life. Accidentally let something spill out of your mouth that was a bit risqué and all of a sudden you’ve got two new soul sisters in your horde.

One can never have enough friends, and as much as my heart is full, I’ll always have room for more people who are as supportive as the ones I have around me.

To the ones who let me know when I’m on my high horse; the ones who help me into the saddle; the shoulders to cry on; the ones who give me the advice that I really need to hear but don’t want to; who share my success; who remind me that my failures aren’t final; who love me for the person I am:

All of me, loves all of you.


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