have you been affected by the avada kedavra curse? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous.

Here’s a little confession:

I’m a huuuge Harry Potter nerd. As far as fandoms and obsessions go: it’s my number one (tied with the matches).

I know the spells, the charms, all the characters. I have a pottermore account where I’ve spent way too much time researching everything there is to know about Harry Potter. I have a deathly hallows necklace, bought Luna Lovegood’s wand and have even tried butterbeer. I could have a degree in it.
Here’s the thing, until yesterday I’d only read one of the books.
Now before you grab your torches and pitchforks let me explain. I love movies, I love taking in the magic of the special effects and background characters and I love the ride that a director puts me on from the moment the movie (or series starts). It’s a journey for me.

Secondly, I was once given The Prisoner of Azkaban as a Christmas present. My brothers were given the philosophers stone and the chamber of secrets & there was always sharing issues with those two. So I read my book without context. When I was savvier with the internet I looked up a lot of the characters and did my own further research to fill in the gaps.
On Friday I got the Philosopher’s stone out of the library. I’m a pretty slow reader so I thought, hmm a week and I should be onto the next. Rookie mistake. I finished the entire book yesterday & I kept getting up and having breaks so I could prolong it as long as I could. Tomorrow I’ll be borrowing the chambers of secrets. I’ll finish this series by June.

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