I stick to the natural look often when it comes to makeup for one main reason: it’s easy and I’m profoundly lazy. This is my “regime”.

I wash my face with a sensitive cleanser in the shower. Multitasker. When I get out I’ll put on some moisturiser, at the moment I’m using Garnier Moisture Match- the yellow one because it leave your skin with a slight gleam.

I don’t use foundation in the conventional way, I’ve never been a fan of the thickness of liquid foundation or mousse foundation, I’m really blessed to have relatively clear skin a lot of the time so I use a Tinted Moisturiser, at the moment I’m alternating between Dove & Aveeno. You can also use BB creams, they work about the same.

After I’ve put the base on, I prefer a matte finish, and also because I have such light skin I need to get rid of the orange ness that usually is left with liquids. So I have two choices for this: a matte powder compact (Face of Australia have good, stylish compacts) or a loose translucent powder, my picks for this would have to be Lush Emotional Brilliance, which has a shimmery effect to make your skin radiate.

The only thing left now is a tiny bit of blush just above my cheekbones, usually I go for a pink/brown hybrid and put a bold line straight down my cheeks, then blend in the powder to even it out.

Result: just add sunglasses.

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